Firm Overview

Nevárez Law Group was founded on the principle that effective and aggressive representation is not reserved for larger firms. The founding members believe that the people we represent require integrity, flexibility and personal attention to their legal matters. Furthermore, we understand that we are not only advocates for our clients’ causes but their dignity as well. Our firm prides itself on delivering to our clients that very thing. We are a trial firm devoted exclusively to representing individuals who have been catastrophically injured through others misdeeds. We focus on catastrophic injury and death cases in all fifty states and represent people from all over the world.

Committed To Making A Difference

Our lawyers and staff combine their technical skills with their legal experience in an effort to achieve successful results for our clients. We have authored legal articles on product liability and negligence issues. We have instructed other attorneys, through several national, state, and local trial lawyer organizations on how to litigate injury cases and win. We have settled and/or taken to verdict cases involving defective products (including automobiles, tires, home appliances, prescription and over the counter drugs), trucking and transportation negligence, medical malpractice, aviation disasters. Each case is different and results are dependent on the facts of your particular case.


Litigating cases requires many resources. Financing, staff and technology are important but even more important are the talent, time and expertise brought by our lawyers. We have reviewed countless documents, tests, expert reports, depositions and trial testimony. This is the difference between winning and losing.